The end result in court today…..

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Well, today the judge took my baby boy away and said to the both of us the testimonies we presented were not believable i.e. the DV incident.

She did say my wife could move back to the marital APT. and that she now has temp. full custody, and I am awarded temp. unsupervised visitation, I can pick him up Fri. @ 7pm, and return him Sun. @7pm at the Police Precinct…

She gave the child back the person who secretly planned for months to abduct him to Ireland, has a drinking prob, and shows extreme signs of PAS. To all of you Fathers I have on brief and blunt mesage… there is no justice in our system.

To believe you have a fair chance is to dream a little dream. It is a lawyers’ game as the judge was once and still is a lawyer. She told me outright the child should go to the mother even though I have a spotlessly clean history. No justice….. NO PEACE!!!!!!!!!