Some help needed…

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Hi all, I have a question. My son is going to court soon and has a handwritten entry from his wife, it states she was very depressed and was drunk while writing it, and on her own admission confirmed a suicide attempt a few years ago.

Also said she was at the same point with her emotions as she was at the time of the attempt. This girl has been previously arrested for Domestic Violence. We stand to loose the temp.

Custody of the child if she cant be proven unfit. How can we admit this evidence along with what he already has on record to the discovery portion of this hearing?

His wife was arrested for assaulting him. She tried to kidnap the child but he served her with an order barring her from leaving the court jurisdiction. She flipped out and made life hell for that week. Meanwhile, people all over where he lived began threatening him. I week later she provoked a fight and in turn was locked up. The court gave him temp.

Full custody and barred her from going near them both. He found some papers she wrote in the trash indicating she tried to commit suicide. What else can we do now?