I hate to be the bearer of bad news

by , under Help in court

I don’t know how every judge or court view this issue but I can tell you how it worked in my own. My ex became pregnant with another mans child while still living in my house (I had a vasectomy 7 years previously).

I found a handwritten letter she was in the process of writing to her boyfriend which she clearly documents what had happened. She aborted the child because she thought it would hurt her custody battle.

She also abort another child early in our marriage because she later told me she wasn’t ready for children. Anyway I showed her letter to everyone. My attorney, the guardian ad litem, even the judge. No one took that into consideration in my custody battle. I couldn’t believe it could not be used at child abuse. And this happened in what most people consider a conservative county by a conservative judge.

I would ask your attorney, but in my case it didn’t mean squat. Just shows you what our society has come to. I don’t want to take away your hope or your fight for your children, but also want to prepare you for what the reality maybe.

Take care, Jerry