I agree with you 100%

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Hi. I agree with you 100%! My wife and I have been moving towards separation for about a year now, but we haven’t made it legal yet. We just received an offer on our home, and she put a purchase offer on a townhouse, and I am looking for an apartment.

But, out of all of this craziness, the most important thing to me is my son and having joint custody and having him with me 50% of the time. My wife said she didn’t want that because “she needs him.” I didn’t understand that and I pressed the point of what’s best for him, but she still hasn’t gotten it. I told my lawyer to get the custody thing out of the way first and that I wanted him half of the time.

I was hoping that she’d agree to it since our son needs both of us in his life, but I also understand that if she doesn’t agree that I will have to take her to court argue about it in front of a judge. I told my son a long time ago that I was going to ask for him to be with me half of the time and he said that that would be great. My wife hasn’t even asked him about things.

She basically tells him. The other day we were talking about the apartment I am going to get and hoe things are layed out she said, “…well, you will be living alone, so it’s not a problem.” Our son was there and popped up and said, “Well I’ll be there too.” She looked at him and said, “Oh? You think so? Only on visitation days. Every other week or so.” I was so angry that she did that to him. He just said, “Oh.”

She thinks only of herself and not of him. Anyhow, I’m getting off of the subject….I don’t care how much it costs, I am going to get my son half of the time. It’s what is best for him.

P.S. Sorry if I sound angry, but it’s an important subject and I sort of get worked up! 🙂

Maybe you should seek full custody if she is that kind of person. You can never tell what she would do in the situation. Have you considered that even if you have 50/50 one of you would be primary. If she is the primary and decides to move a long distance you couldn’t stop her. I have full custody of all four of my children and love every minute of it!