For the Best Interest of the Children?

by , under Political ramifications

It is so frustrating to see how all this situation continues to develop. I understand the political ramifications of this case; however, being a Father who is presently in a custody battle for my children, I can’t help getting absolutely frustrated with our legal system.

I could possibly write 50 pages explaining my situation in order to cover every little detail I would like to express. Instead I will be brief and try to express in a simple way my frustration. I think that you would be surprised about how many ‘Good Fathers’ are out there that want the best for their children and have to sit around and see their children grow in situations that are not ‘for the best interest of the children’.

I live in the state of Georgia and filed for the custody of my children for reasons ranging from borderline neglect, abuse of power that affected the children, to the children right out asking me to please fight for them. These are just a few examples, and again, I could go on for pages and pages.

My children were both under 14, so according to the law in Georgia they cannot decide where they want to live. Therefore, I filed for a modification of custody stating the facts and proving that I had more time for the children and could give them a normal family life and home to grow up in.