Child Support Must Be Accounted For

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I think every kid deserves “reasonable” child support from the non custodial parent dad/mom. However i feel the parent receiving the child support should be required to keep record of every cent spent, including receipts. I don’t accept the fact the mother is always the best parent. I have seen to many times when just the opposite is true.

As a matter of fact I can give a “family incident”. My daughter and my granddaughters father we were divorced when she was a baby. My ex son in law is a real good guy. my daughter was hanging with a jobless, dirty druggy next door who also had two young kids. We went to court “with” my ex son in law we too felt he should have custody. Not a chance. Instead my daughter filed for and got “more support money”.

When she was ten he went back for a third try. We were supporting him again. This time they “Child Protection Agency” felt he was “to violent”. This stemmed from an issue almost ten years before. What I am about to tell you is the truth as weird as it sounds. While my daughter and “J” were still married she was crawling all over Mr. Sleeze. “J” went home from work one day and found a note telling him to go to his brother in laws house, (his wife was there). He got there and low and behold my daughter and granddaughter were there with Mr. Sleeze and his two boys. “J” ask what was going on. Sleeze came out in the yard starting trouble by telling him how bad he “J” was to his wife, and that he “Sleeze” has been visiting while “J” was at work.

Sleeze got up in “J”‘s face and starting his BS, then he swung at “J” and missed him, “J” picked up a board as a “defense” move. About that time here comes the cops, (my daughter called them “J” went to jail. “J” is a good guy and got a dirty deal 2days and a $50.00 fine. (his wife and daughter) I intervined when they tried to say “J” was to “violent” to have custody, (10 yrs, ago his wife and daughter) Over a 10 yr. period i had filed “22′ complaints with the children’s service my ex son in law and the boys real mom also filed. Each time nothing was done. “Proven Facts”.

It is the policy of the Child “Protection” Agency to pay very little attention to complaints made by a “neighbor” OR a”family member” They feel all such complaints are made due to a “personal vendetta” or custody issue’ so they are “ignored” My ex son in law has remarried, has a nice home, good job, nice wife another daughter and a step daughter who adores him. We have supplied prooof of abuse, neglect, failure to provide necessary medical attention, 12 evictions in 9 yrs. Not adequate food, the hubby “Sleeze”, don’t work does drugs, Money paid for my granddaughter goes on gold jewlery for her, drugs, and play stations for him. they party, go out and eat, but no food at home.

AND STILL the court says she is better cared for living with her mother He has court ordered visitation rights, but when she chooses to ignore them she is not held in contempt of court, he is told to “get a private attorney. She has had 5 support increases. “J” has been locked up 3 times for not paying child support. (He had changed jobs once and had to wait on his first check. Twice due to a lengthy illness which kept him from working. THIS NEEDS CHANGED NOW!!!.

This is what can also happen: