Child support is usually based on income

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As well as on time with the child. In most states, both parents income is taken into account, but in some states (I think Indiana is one), only the NCP’s income is counted. So the best legal way is to increase time with the children, and then go to court to modify the order. This is important, because the order does not modify itself. And the CP sees no reason to modify, cause they are getting all of the money. So it is up to you.

Some states also have guidelines as to when things can be modified. Some it is once per year, some it is a certain percentage change in income. Check with the court in your state for details.

It is usually difficult to change custody totally unless the CP is really f**king up. Your best bet is the incremental approach. Get a few more hours or days here and there, until you have more than 50%.

Most states have really cracked down on the “I’ll just quit my job” way of reducing CS. Your income can be imputed (assumed) at the higher level and the CS will not be changed.

You could try to get a job that you could hide some of the money, like something with tips. Again, you may be imputed.

You could move to a different country, so that it would be hard to collect. But your arrearage are still waiting for you if you ever come back.

That’s all for now. If I think of some more, I’ll post it.