Child support

Child support is usually based on income

As well as on time with the child. In most states, both parents income is taken into account, but in some states (I think Indiana is one), only the NCP’s income is counted. So the best legal way is to increase time with the children, and then go to court to modify the order. This

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The situation you describe illustrates the major point

The situation you describe illustrates the major point that is often overlooked. Child support is often used as a smokescreen when what we really should be discussing is the welfare of the child. People often apparently take the position that child support and child custody are equivalent. They’re not. Since they are not the same,

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Child Support Must Be Accounted For

I think every kid deserves “reasonable” child support from the non custodial parent dad/mom. However i feel the parent receiving the child support should be required to keep record of every cent spent, including receipts. I don’t accept the fact the mother is always the best parent. I have seen to many times when just

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